Our Approach


We believe that our approach to urban, architectural and interior design is best described in analogy to another of our passions; cycling! It is:


The bicycle is famously referred to as the only piece of technology with no downsides. It is a perfect machine; the essential design (diamond frame, 2 wheels, handlebar, suspended saddle, etc.) has remained unchanged for over 100 years.
We strive for this level of elegance and inevitability in our design solutions.


Using a bike, instead of a car, helps reduce noise, pollution, energy consumption and traffic congestion.
We adopt best environmental practice in all our projects, aiming for a sustainable outcome (and yes, we cycle to work!)


Cycling has numerous health benefits; it can help protect against heart disease, strokes, diabetes and certain types of cancer. That's not to mention improved balance and co-ordination, reduced stress and greater psychological well-being.
We aim for our projects to be enjoyable in use, with an emphasis on creating natural and healthy environments.


The bicycle offers the most immediate way to be part of the environment. It gives the perfect opportunity to engage with all sensations (sights, sounds and smells) of the world around.
We aspire to create a built environment that encourages and celebrates interaction.


The bicycle is the most efficient mode of self-propelled transport, your input effort is rewarded with profits of speed and distance.
We use our energies to deliver a service which we hope will exceed our client expectations, crossing boundaries to deliver greatest benefit.


The good bicycle responds instantly to a change of speed or directional input.
We are a lean organisation, capable of swift action to meet our clients requirements. We also draw from a network of established partners to augment our skill and capabilities as a project requires it.


The pleasure of cycling is available to people, regardless of age, gender, race, wealth, background, etc.
Our work seeks to be inclusive; welcoming and relevant to all who encounter it.


A cycle's honest expression of function, through form, is striking.
We endeavour to achieve beauty through the transformation of requirement into built form.